Cancellations are easy.

The fastest way to cancellation is by logging onto the Customer Support & Cancellations link from the billing company where your purchased your membership.
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You may only want a 30, 60 or 90-day membership and may not want to be re-billed automatically for more. What do you do? It's very simple!

All of our recurring memberships can be cancelled very easily and quickly online without any loss. Your membership will remain active and you will have full access to the site until the end of the last (30, 60 or 90-day) membership period you have paid for.

You can cancel your 30-day recurring membership the day after you've joined the site and you will have full access to the site until the 30 days are up, at which point your membership will expire without being re-billed.

If you are having problems cancelling then please fill out an Unlimited Bondage Support Ticket and we will be happy to cancel it for you. Don't forget to give us a valid email address to reply to, Subscription Number and current username and password.

We would also appreciate if you would let us know the reason(s) for your cancellation - we're always ready to hear any views and opinions you may have about the site and any suggestions you may have as to how we may provide a better service.

Please check the site before automatically cancelling your membership though! Some of our members cancel their memberships without thinking, and then regret it later because they enjoy the site so much and would prefer to stay on for longer after all. Unfortunately, once cancelled there’s no way or re-activating a membership, you'll have to rejoin the site again using the join page of the site!