If you have had no problems with your membership so far, and now suddenly your log-in has stopped working, then there could be a number of explanations:

- your membership may have expired if you have cancelled it or if you have a non-recurring subscription.

- there may have been a problem with your billing. If the biller was unable to charge you for your next membership period, your membership may have been cancelled and expired.

- your password may need to be changed for security reasons. please contact us to change your username/password

- there may have been a temporary fault. Your browser may be remembering your unsuccessful log-in attempts and may be automatically taking you to the Customer Support page of the site without trying to log in to the site. You may therefore need to empty your browser cache and history and re-enter your log-in manually. Please note that your username and password are case sensitive, and if you're cutting & pasting your log-in, please be careful not to add any spaces.

If these did not fix your problem please submit a Unlimited Bondage Support Ticket and one of our staff will check into the issue for you