There are a few reasons that this may occur and unfortunately, these decisions are made by the billing companies, we have no control or influence over their decision.

The three main reasons are:

* You live in a country which is not supported by the bank in question - in this case, our billing compaies, CCBill, and DHD Media reserve the right not to deal with specific countries or banks.

* Your country or ISP may be blocked by our site for various reasons, meaning that even if you were allowed to join the site, you wouldn't get access, and for this reason it may be best to not allow you to join.

* Your credit card may have had charge-backs in the past, or your membership may have had several failed re-bills, in which case(s) your card may have been blacklisted I'm afraid. Once again, this is the sole decision of the billing companies we work with and we can do nothing to sway their decision.

Please keep trying to join the site - it is not unusual for people to only successfully join the site on the third of fourth attempt - please be patient.
If you are unlucky enough not to have been allowed to join one of our great sites for this reason, we may be able to offer you alternative payment methods. Please submit a support ticket

If you feel this is an error please contact the billing company directly - for CCBill - for DHD Media/Argus Billing